About Us

Who We Are

Dating and Relationship (DaR) features articles from dating experts, testing the most important online dating sites and apps, to inform and educate our internet users and visitors. We also support innovative programs to keep the public well informed and updated in the world of dating and romance.

Established in October 2019, we have easily become one of the authorities on all things dating after building trust with our readers through high-quality written articles. These articles tackle topics that revolve around dating, relationships, online dating, and anything in between.

We are home to a team of authentic dating experts that is continuously growing to provide better dating advice not just about relationships but also on the best dating site and app out there. Our team of dating experts test out dating sites and apps to provide comprehensive insights from the surface level such as the design and feel of the site, to core information such as the cost, features, and services.

Our Vision

We at DaR is projected towards making all our users and visitors achieve the best possible informed decision through our carefully-written and well-researched articles.

The world of dating and romance can be a dark place at times, and we aim to break misinformation on dating and relationship with the help of our team of experts. We want to see our readers and visitors take our insights and use them in making informed decisions about their love lives.

Our Mission

We provide information to improve the education of our users and visitors through education.

Dating and romance have different dynamics, and we at DaR wants to achieve proper information of our users and visitors by infusing good research and translating these data into high-quality articles that are easy to read without compromising depth.

Our goals

As we continuously publish high-quality content for our readers and visitors, we at DaR has the following goals in mind:

  • Educate the public on dating and relationship

As we aim to provide our readers and visitors better content every day, our goal is to use these articles in educating the public further on the topic of dating and relationship.

  • Educate internet professionals

Our team of authentic dating experts aim to create better content published on the web not just for the use of our readers and visitors, but also for the internet professionals in this

  • Support innovative programs

We at DaR wants to promote better information on dating and relationship on the web by supporting innovative programs that will help make this possible.