Positive Singles: Costs, Experiences, and Functions

Dating is difficult—more so for people living with STDs. Good thing there is a dating site catering to their needs. Read on below to know the ins and outs of Positive Singles.

There are so many dating sites out there that offer the same type of functionality and features to people. Positive Singles sets itself apart by identifying a unique niche, offering a supportive community, ensuring members’ privacy, and being selective of its members.

Unique Niche

Positive Singles is an online dating site for singles who are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases. It’s open to all singles living with HSV, HPV, HIV/AIDs and other types of STDs. As an exclusive community of singles living with HSV and other STDs, it has designed its features to make it easier for them to put themselves out there and explore the wonders of dating once again.

Online Support System

At Positive Singles, users are provided with a proper support system in online dating as well as the avenue to meet other people who are looking for meaningful relationships. The site also fosters a loving and supportive community of singles who can help you find potential romantic partners, and forge new friendships.

Members of the site do not solely talk about STDs—you’re free to open any topics you like and discuss it with others. Topics can range from religion to politics, or general knowledge among others. Furthermore, its members are not timid in sharing their experiences and strong in their belief that their STD diagnosis is not the end of it all. They are strong in their conviction that their diagnosis doesn’t make them any less of a human being.

Privacy and Security

Given how sensitive the information that the site has of its members, Positive Singles is very strict in its verification process. They would suspend accounts that they deem suspicious as well as they’ve put in place a heightened level of security by using discreet billing and anonymous search functions.

Furthermore, the site’s paid membership subscription would make some people find it off-putting but it serves as a screening factor to further increase its members’ privacy and security. It goes to show that only those who are serious in their intent about belonging to a community of like-minded individuals are willing to avail of their services.

Member Profiles

As of this writing, the site has nearly 1.8 million members—the majority of which are in their 20s to 30s from the United States. About two-thirds of its total members are males while the remainder is females. They are also more inclined to access the site using their smartphones—may it be through the mobile-optimized website or through its app. Positive Singles is also open to same-sex relationships.

As one of the largest online communities for men and women with STDs, you can expect that members of the site are active and they have also completed their own profiles. They connect with each other through private messaging, chatrooms, and forums. Members can also write a blog so they can convey their message across the platforms and be heard by over a million other members.

Sign-Up Process

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Inclusive of all other STDs
  • Open to LGBTQ+ community
  • Requires email verification to start browsing
  • Emails Service Agreement and Privacy Policy for transparency

Creating your Positive Singles account is free and simple. The sign-up process on the site only takes about 10 minutes to complete and get your free account up and running. All you have to do is go to their website or their app to register.

Fill in the necessary information such as your gender and your gender preference (Are you a man seeking a woman or a man or a couple? Or are you a woman seeking a man, a woman, or a couple?), your living condition (the type of STD that you were diagnosed with), and your email. Tick the box at the bottom to indicate that you agree to their service agreement and privacy policy.

On the next page, you will be asked to input your name and unique username. After that, you can upload a photo of yourself to increase your chances of finding a match—you may also skip this step and do it later.

The third step is to write a short headline or bio about you. “About Me” and “About Your Match” field will appear after the headline. You will be required to write at least 50 characters for those sections before you can proceed to the final step.

Lastly, a verification email will be sent to you. Input the code indicated in the email on the field provided and send. Now, you may start browsing and exploring the site.


  • Manual approval of profile photos
  • Member profiles can be viewed for free
  • Comprehensive profile information
  • Profile information can be edited
  • Nudity and lewd photos are not allowed

After the registration process, you will be redirected to your homepage. To increase your chances of getting a match on the site, complete your profile information in the provided field such as your general information, match requirement, and STD information.

General Information

Along with your initial answers during registration–your headline, “About Me”, and “About My Match”, your personal information will be displayed on your profile page. This allows other members to know you more in one sitting and help them decide if you’re someone they can potentially match with.

The general information section includes your physical appearance, background/ethnicity, and lifestyle (smoking, drinking, religion).

Your Match Information

Also included in your profile is what you want to find in a potential partner. There are information fields similar to yours but you will have to fill them up about your preferences for a match.

Living Condition Information

You will also have to indicate your STD status and the type of STD you’re living with (HSV, HPV, HIV/Aids, and other STDs). This is a required field of information since the site is all about openness and acceptance.

Other Information

Your initial answers about your headline, “About Me”, and “About My Match” will be incorporated in your profile information as well. This allows other members to know you more in one sitting and help them decide if you’re someone they can potentially match with. A complete profile also shows that you are serious about finding a match.

Furthermore, by completing your profile information, you also increase your chances of finding a match. The site’s algorithm will include all of your data that they will use to find you a reverse match. You can view the results under the discover tab. But please note that you will only be able to unlock this feature if you avail of the site’s paid membership subscription.

Aside from profile information, users viewing your profile can also see your uploaded photos or videos, comment on your activities and your blogs. through your profile, they will also be able to add you to their Favorites’ list or send a wink to you.

Contacting Functions

  • Requires premium subscription to send messages
  • Unlimited Free Winks
  • Reply to premium members for free
  • Access to basic search functions
  • Send heart or add to favorite other members

In general, Positive Singles offer the same functionality as other dating sites. Here are the important communication features of the site.

Message and Chat

Aside from connecting and interacting with other members, Positive Singles’ message and chat services can be used to consult an advisor, respond to first date ideas, and send free winks.


With the Discover feature, both standard and premium members have access to the search option so that they can connect with other members of the site. However, advanced search options are only available to the latter. With their premium membership, they will be able to filter based on gender, location, and other lifestyle information.

First Date Ideas

Members can share what they think are the perfect first dates. There categories and prompts which they can answer and share their ideas.

Spark Feature

The Spark feature is Positive Singles’ take to the popular swipe function of another dating app. By using Spark, you will be able to get an overview of the members’ profiles as well as their basic information. To match with a member that you like, just swipe right and swipe left if you don’t. You will be notified if a member likes you too.


Sending winks is Positive Single’s fun and quirky way letting other members know that you are interested in them. To send one, you have to pick a one-liner from a prepared list and it will be sent to the member that you’re interested in. They will receive it as a message and to respond, they can go to your profile and send back a wink to you. Premium members enjoy unlimited winks while standard accounts can send to up to 50 winks per day.

Reverse Match

Instead of searching for someone that matches your preferences, this feature allows you to search for members that match your profile. So n order to fully make the best out of this feature, you have to fully describe yourself in your profile.

Blogs and Forums

As a website that promotes openness, acceptance, and support for each other, Positive Singles’ Blogs and Forums are other ways that members can reach out to each other. You can share your experiences and knowledge not just about STDs but also about anything under the sun.


Positive Singles offers so many features for its members. However, to be able to access most of these features, one must be a paying member. The site offers three different membership plans:

  • 12 months subscription ( payable only by Check or Money Order)
  • 6 months subscription
  • 3 months subscription

With a paid membership subscription, you will gain full site access. Included in the upgrade are:

  • Initiate conversation with other members
  • Join in the chat room discussion
  • Access to profile statistics
  • Manage privacy settings
  • Advanced search options
  • View last login time of members
  • Access to STD counselor via chat or email
  • Unlimited winks
  • Full-size photo access
  • Dedicated account manager

Aside from the published rates, you also have the option to subscribe to a one-month subscription for about US $1.00 per day or a one-time payment of US $29.95. Note that a one-month paid membership subscription automatically renews. Should you wish to terminate your paid subscription, you will have to do it manually.


  • Available to both Android and iOS
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Similar features are the website functions
  • Smooth user interface
  • Minimalist and sleek design

Positive Singles knows that people nowadays are always on-the-go. They value mobility that’s why they have a mobile app version of the site. It’s also downloadable on both Android and iOS phones to make it more accessible to its users. However, it is region locked and can only be downloaded to certain geo-tagged locations.

Design-wise, the app is a reflection of its website. It follows the theme and color scheme of the website. It is organized and relating features and functionalities are lumped together. The search and spark features are seen on one page.

In terms of functionality, it has a smooth interface that makes the user experience easier to navigate the app. Its features are not cluttered across the site and you won’t need to spend too much time familiarizing yourself with it.

Experience Reports

Trying to create a profile on this site has really been frustrating for me. I created one, but it got suspended due to suspicious activities that I don’t even know what they were about. Then I made another one, suspended again and then one more time. On my last try, I stayed at the chatroom for a while and their conversation was fun, quirky, and friendly. I liked that vibe and I wanted to jive in. So I subscribed to their premium account. I’m glad I weathered through the frustrations of creating an account.

– Grace, Assistant Manager, 28

I thought my world ended when I got diagnosed with HSV Type 1. But a friend referred me to Positive Singles and it has really been great. It’s interesting because I thought it was just another dating site, but it was really informative and I got to learn more about STDs than I did in school. I also met new friends online and I’m sure that they’re for keeps.

Jerry, Artist, 34

Positive Singles was not for me. I wasn’t comfortable sharing more information than what they required me to, so I didn’t go back. Plus, it really didn’t help because the few people I spoke with on the site was not really what I was looking for.

Christina, Account Executive, 26


Positive Singles has answered the call for an open and safe space for people living with STDs. This dating site is not only to find a match for singles and to help them get back to dating but as well as to forge friendships and create connections with other people. Positive Singles believes that sharing and talking about these diseases would educate more people about STDs and promote a stigma-free community. So if you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed, tell them to check out this site and try it for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Positive Singles a legitimate site?

Yes, Positive Singles is a legitimate dating site that can be accessed through their website and their app.

Who runs or maintains Positive Singles?

The site is being run by:

SuccessfulMatch / PositiveSingles.com
10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160
Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada

How does Positive Singles work?

When you join Positive Singles, you automatically become a standard member—it allows you to create a profile, add public and private photos, use search functions, send unlimited winks, as well as reply to messages of premium members. If you decide to become a premium member yourself, you will gain access to all of the site’s features without any restrictions.


How would my Positive Singles subscription appear on my billing?

SuccessfulMatch will appear on your billing statement.

Why did my account revert back to standard when I availed of Positive Singles’ premium membership?

You can only continue to enjoy the benefits of a Premium account if you renew your subscription. If you availed to either 3 or 6 months packages, chances are, your subscription has reached its term. Check your subscription status on the “Membership” tab under “settings”.


Am I required to avail of Positive Singles’ paid membership to create an account?

No. Signing up at Positive Singles is free but in order to enjoy all of its other features like messaging and chat, you must have a paid membership subscription.

Why can other Positive Singles members send me messages and I can’t start a conversation with others?

If you have a standard account in Positive Singles, you can only reply to messages sent to you by other Premium members. In order to initiate a conversation with other members, you must upgrade your account to premium.

How can I cancel my Positive Singles membership?

To cancel your membership, simply log-in to your Positive Singles account, go to “Settings”, then click “Membership” and follow the instructions.

How to delete my Positive Singles profile?

To delete or disable your profile, go to “Membership” under the “Settings” and click on “Disable Account” tab and then choose “Delete Account”, enter your password and then click Delete Account.

Please note that even if your profile account has been deleted, your information will still be stored in the Positive Singles database for 2 years, but your profile information and photos will no longer be visible to other members.


How do I upload photos on my Positive Singles account?

There are four ways that you can upload photos on Positive Singles:

  • Sign in to your account on the web and click on “upload photo”
  • You may email your photos to [email protected]
  • Through their mobile site
  • Via the site’s mobile app

Why didn’t my profile photo show up after I registered?

The average approval time of your uploaded photo is 24 hrs. However, it may take up to 48 hrs as the Positive Singles staff has to manually approve photos to ensure the quality of content and matches on the site.

What does the Heart and Crown symbol mean on Positive Singles users profiles?

The Heart means “Favorite” profile while the Crown tells you that the user is a Premium Member.


How does Positive Singles secure my personal and financial information?

Positive Singles is compliant with the data privacy act and takes the necessary precautions to protect your information. However, as a user of the site, you should also be careful and take care of how you handle your information and refrain from sharing it from suspicious members.

How can I report users who violated Positive Singles’ Terms of Use?

If you encounter violators on the site, send an email to the Positive Singles’ team at [email protected] and their customer service representatives will handle the situation in their own terms and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Does Positive Singles send emails to confirm my username and password?

No. Positive Singles does not send emails asking you to confirm your usernames and passwords. Chances are, these were sent my phishing scam to collect your information and violate your privacy. So don’t respond to these types of emails to protect yourself from scammers.

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