Elite Singles Review: Costs, Experiences, and Functions

Do educated birds of the same feather flock together at Elite Singles? One way to find out! 

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They say opposites attract but the magic of connecting with someone on the same wavelength feels out of this world. At Elite Singles, the similarity in location and age are placed in the backburner as the site put higher regard on one thing: your intellectual compatibility.

The matchmaking site is by US-based company, Spark Networks, and most of the members are university-educated professionals. In terms of sex, the website enjoys equal appreciation from ladies and gents. The balanced populace means it is highly unlikely that you won’t get to meet someone interesting.

Most of the members are in their late 20s to early 50s; this rather mature age gap and their learned upbringing may be the reasons why the members are in it for the long haul. It’s common to interact with singles looking for a committed relationship or a potential spouse.

As of writing, the matchmaking site caters to over 13 million singles in 20 countries. Most of their users come from English-speaking nations such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As a global matchmaking service, Elite Singles claims it’s responsible for penning the love stories of an average of 2000 couples per month.

With plenty of members and an excellent reputation to back it up, it sounds like the happily ever after you’ve been searching for may be one sign up away. But are they? Leaving no stone unturned, we took our own sweet time to check every cost and feature of this matchmaking site thoroughly.

Read this in-depth review to find out if Elite Singles is worth upgrading for. 

Sign-Up Process

Elite Singles Sign Up

  • Easy signup process
  • Registration takes up about 20-30 minutes
  • Facebook registration is not offered
  • Members are required to complete a personality test
  • Receive personality test results for free

Right from the get-go, Elite Singles makes sure it gets useful information to provide you with quality matches immediately.

The registration process, for starters, is a tad longer than that of other dating sites. Apart from necessary information such as your nominated username, sex, and location, Elite Singles will also ask you some insightful questions to better boost the chances of meeting a like-minded match.

The secret behind the alleged success of the website lies in their personality test, which is developed by licensed psychologists. The said test is part of the registration process, and it aims to analyze and categorize up to 29 personality traits properly.

Given the goal of the test, you’ll be spending 20 to 30 minutes tops to complete it. If an urgent matter comes up mid-registration, you can opt to save your progress and finish whenever you’re free.

If you’re worried about the kind of questions, then know that it doesn’t need rocket science. You only have to be honest and assess yourself accurately so the matchmaking site can work on its algorithm.

The questions will ask you to rate how well the statement applies to you. It will touch on your personality and habits; therefore, the results will significantly help the website (and your possible matches) form a solid idea of what you are as a person.

After completing the personality test, you can say that the registration concludes. The website will then present you with a list of members who, based on your standards, suit you best.


Elite Singles Profile

  • Profiles are detailed
  •  Members can edit their profile details for later
  • Viewing the profile photo is not free
  • Members are required to upgrade to browse galleries
  • See how compatible you are with the Question and Answer section

Given the rather lengthy registration process, it was somewhat expected that Elite Singles boasts quite an informative profile.

The necessary details, such as the member’s primary photo, age, occupation, and location, are prominently featured in the upper part section of the profile.

The match score, a feature that grades how compatible you and the match is on a scale of 100, is also displayed alongside the photo. That way, you can immediately gauge how like-minded you are according to the personality test.

Elite Singles neatly sectioned the various pieces of information on a member’s profile.

Right below the header, you’ll see the member’s description. This includes details on their physique, vices and habits, religious belief, language, and plans.

Following this section is the question and answer; the contents of this portion is lifted from the registration process. With this, you will see their passion, wishes, likes and dislikes: this section is no small talk. 

Members are candid, and the answers they provided are vivid; you can almost hear them talking. Apart from the sincerity, probably the best part of this section is that it matches yours. To demonstrate how compatible you are, Elite Singles will only display the questions and answers that are similar to yours.

The service further subdivided the profile into three tabs: the gallery, personality, and interests. Click either of these tabs to see more photos (if the member uploaded something else apart from their primary photo), to read more answers to their personality test, and to get to know how well you match through their interests.

Contacting Functions

Elite Singles Contact

  • Send winks for free
  • Upgrade to premiums to send, read, and reply to messages
  • Get a rundown of possible matches you might have missed with “Have You Met?”
  • Receive Match Recommendations every day

In terms of functionality, Elite Singles offers tested and proven features so members can network, interact, and flirt. 

A note for standard account users: most of these features will require you to upgrade to any of Elite Singles’ premium plans.

Favorites List

Ever browsed a dating site absent-mindedly when suddenly, a promising profile comes up, and you weren’t able to thoroughly memorize his or her username? We’ve all been there; the frustration of not being able to search up for that one profile can eat you up.

Fear not. Elite Singles lets you add all the interesting members that caught your eye to your favorites list. That way, when you’re done browsing, you can come back and consult your list with ease.

Sending Winks

Start a wordless flirtation by sending a wink. Even non-paying members can send one, so hop aboard the flirt train and get winking.

Match Recommendation

The list of compatible partners does not end once you sign up. To help you get in contact with a compatible match, Elite Singles will send match recommendations every day. These suggestions are made based on your location, relationship preferences, and the similarities of your answers in the Personality Test.

Advanced Search

If you already have a type in mind, customizing the advanced search may be beneficial to you. Set the filters such as their location, age, education, habits, and many more.

Have You Met?

No one’s glued to their mobile phones 24/7, so there is a chance that you weren’t able to see the match of a lifetime. Thus, Elite Singles lets you review all the suggestions you’ve received. This way, you can reassess and connect quickly.

Wildcard Matches

A premium feature, the Wildcard Matches, are 20 additional profiles that paying members may choose from.

Elite Singles Magazine

Whether you are seeking entertainment or a way to up your A-game, the Elite Singles Magazine is a great virtual place to be. Here, various writers and love experts share great insights and must-try tips for serious daters.


No dating site is complete without a function that allows members to interact one-on-one. Elite Singles only allow premium members to initiate, read, and reply to emails they received onsite.

Getting by at Elite Singles on a standard account may be a bit limiting. If you’re in it to find the love of your life, the sky’s the limit if you upgrade your account.


Premium plans at Elite Singles are named the Premium Classic, Premium Light, and Premium Comfort. The deals cover 1, 3, and 6 months respectively. Compared to similar dating services, an Elite Singles subscription falls on the high range.

Elite Singles Cost

Although subscriptions are priced in installments, payment is upfront. Meaning you’ll have to pay the lump sum should you subscribe to three or six-month plans. Elite Singles accept payment via credit card, direct debit, or PayPal. If you download the mobile app instead of signing up via desktop, you can also purchase a plan via the App Store or Google Play.

To make sure you continuously enjoy its service, Elite Singles will automatically renew your subscription for the same duration you initially signed up for. If you have no plans of resubscribing, you may cancel your membership before its expiration date.

To cancel your Elite Singles subscription, you will need to head over to “My Account Settings.” If you purchased a plan for your mobile app, make sure you cancel payment on either Google Play or the App Store. If you don’t, your subscription will automatically renew.


Elite Singles Mobile

  • Free-to-download mobile app
  • Available for Android and iOS users
  • All desktop functionalities are available on mobile
  • Easy to navigate
  • The file is light and functional with most smartphones

Professionals are mostly on the go nowadays; thus, smartphones have become indispensable for many.

For a matchmaking service catering to professionals, it is not surprising that Elite Singles offers a free-to-download mobile application.

Android and iOS users alike can continue their search for the one wherever and whenever.

All the functionalities members enjoy in its desktop counterpart are available on mobile. This means they can chat, wink, explore the “Have You Met?” section, or read blog posts with ease.

Also, the file size and device-compatibility won’t pose much of a problem.

Overall, the app is a reliable alternative for members hustling and bustling with their mobile phones.

Experience Reports

I divorced my ex-husband because I can’t take his lack of ambition anymore. There are so many positive reviews here and signed up hopeful that a man of my caliber awaits. Phil was the first man I met here. Elite Singles paired us up because of our mutual love for Stanley Kubrick. We talked, and it was the most natural meeting; I feel like I’ve known him forever. Finally, I found a man who can match me.

Isa, HR Manager, 33

I promised myself I’ll find love so I signed up for Elite Singles because it seems like I belong. True enough, I’m having a grand time flirting, and I do wish I meet the one for me here.

Vicky, Branch Manager, 39

Sure, I get to chat with a woman here and there, but our conversations always come to a close. I never had a date with a match. Seems like Elite Singles doesn’t have me down pat, yet.

Mick, Structural Engineer, 35


Elite Singles brings together the crème de la crème of educated professionals who are looking to find the love of their life. It boasts the combination of a data-driven personality survey and a dedicated team that works to create genuine and viable matches. If you’re ready to bid the single life, for good, why don’t you try falling in love at Elite Singles? Just click on our affiliate link and sign-up now!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Elite Singles legit?

Yes, it is a legit dating site operating in over 20 countries worldwide.

Who owns Elite Singles?

It is owned and operated by Spark Networks, a Utah-based company that is also the genius behind senior dating site, Silver Singles.

How do I contact the customer service of Elite Singles?

You may also reach their customer service through any of  the following channels:

  • Address: 3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 240 Lehi, UT 84043
  • Telephone: (800) 778-7879
  • Fax: +1 (646) 760-2453
  • Email Address: [email protected]


Does Elite Singles offer a free trial?

At the moment, you can sign up and customize a profile for free, but the dating site does not offer a free trial for their premium functions.

How do I cancel my subscription at Elite Singles?

To cancel your account, head to the “My Account” section. For members signed up through their mobile phones, make sure to cancel your subscription on Google Play or the App Store to ensure that your premium account won’t be renewed.

Can I preview Elite Singles before signing up?

Since the dating site values their members’ privacy, you are not able to browse the members or see the functionalities before signing up. If you are wary of the website automatically prompting you to upgrade before you can fully explore, don’t worry. Your account will only be promoted to premium once you purchase a plan.


How do I edit my profile at Elite Singles?

Go to your profile and click the pencil icon. Hit “Save” once done so the change you made will reflect on your profile.

Why can’t I see my profile updates on Elite Singles?

The moderation team thoroughly checks your updates so it’s most likely that your edits are pending approval which is done within 24 hours.

I changed my profile picture at Elite Singles. Why is it not showing?

Like your profile details, the team also checks your profile picture uploads. If the 24-hour period is not up yet, it’s probably pending approval. If not, you probably did not meet the site requirements which means you’ll have to select another photo.

How do I change my username at Elite Singles?

To change your username, you will have to contact Customer Support. You also need to get in touch with support if you decided to change basic details such as your height and age.

Why can’t I see photos of other members at Elite Singles?

You’re probably a standard account user, thus you can’t view photos. Take note that only premium members are allowed to view the profile photos and gallery content of others.

How does Elite Singles select matches?

The matches suggested to you are the most compatible ones according to your personality test results. 


How can I change my Elite Singles password?

Visit your account settings and select “Password.” Key in your new password, confirm it and hit “Save” to finalize the change.

How do I delete my Elite Singles basic account?

Go to the menu and select “Account” and “Delete my Account.” Follow the additional instructions to successfully delete your basic account.

How do I report a suspicious message at Elite Singles?

Select the 3-dot menu and click “Report Messages.” You will need to mark all the suspicious messages you’d like to report. Once done, click “ Report Message.”

If you have other concerns to report, the Customer Support will investigate the matter. Make sure to provide them with the following details for a smoother investigation:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Reason for report

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