Senior Dating: Over Sixty and In Love

There is no age limit to finding love

Not all that many years ago, people were considered quite old when they reached the age of sixty. In the past, those over sixty would be swept under the proverbial rug, that’s no longer the case. Now, more seniors than ever are staying fit and active.

senior dating

Do not be afraid to fall in love now and find someone whom you can share the golden years of your life. Having a little romance, or more, does not hurt however challenging it may be. A life shared with other people is still the best for most people. As cliche as it may sound, no man is truly an island. People color your life with their different personalities. We live to live with other people, and we exist because other people exists.

Add to that the major advances in nutrition and medicine and people are having a high quality of life as they get older. When compared to previous generations, senior citizens of today are much more vibrant and vital. But what if you are about that age and are looking for a romantic partner? To put it simply, over sixty dating can be a rewarding and very fun experience.

According to Wendell K. Cribbs, the renowned internet author, and relationship expert, no matter how old we are, dating and relationships are vital to a happy personal life and positive mental attitude.

We need to foster intimate relationships, in spite of any anxiety or fear, and regardless of our age. In fact, the majority of the feelings of hesitancy are not based on fact or actual experience but are rather contrived within their own mind.

To quote Cribbs, he goes on to say, “Over sixty dating isn’t something anyone has to be afraid of. “

To be sure, senior dating can be both fun and exciting. As we near retirement age, many of the problems faced by younger people that are dating are not much of a concern for seniors, if they are present at all. Choosing a career, starting a family, and many other issues just don`t get in the way. That`s one of the main reasons why over sixty dating can be more relaxed and not have as much pressure attached to it.

Senior Dating Experiences

The only way to find out the truth of the matter when it comes to dating over sixty, is by learning about the many experiences from actual people. Here are some testimonials to let you know how senior dating actually is in real life:

Meet Robert, a senior dating newbie

A sixty-six-year-old former office manager named Robert is happy being a part of the over sixty dating scene, but he didn`t always feel that way. He explains that dating at 66 is more fun and has much less pressure than when he was younger. He further adds that he dated his wife for six years before they got married. And how things were more serious for them at that time.

They were happy and had good times together. When she passed away he said he wanted to “hide in my apartment” and had no desire to become involved with anybody ever again. But after about half a year, those close to Robert encouraged him to put aside his feelings of apprehension and get back into the social scene.

Cribbs explains that Robert’s case is similar to many of those who are new to over sixty dating. He adds that trepidation and nervousness will be there at some level associated with dating again. While they all have plenty of life experience, most of them have been happily married for many, many years. This can make things a bit unsettling at first.

All of this is reassuring for any senior that wishes to establish a new and potentially loving relationship through over sixty dating. As the poet once said, “life is how you make it”, and that`s true no matter how young at heart you are.

Meet Dorothy, concerned about how others perceive senior dating

A 64-year-old, former nurse named Dorothy lost her husband to cancer relates.

I was always worried about how people would react to my dating again, what they`d think. My husband and I were married more than forty years, and I just knew it would raise eyebrows amongst my family if I started going out again. I ended up meeting a nice man, whom I dated in secret for nine months. The funny thing is that I had no need to be nervous. My family was actually glad to hear I was happy.

Dorothy, former nurse

Like many seniors, Dorothy was concerned with how others would think of her dating “at her age”. The sad thing is that these false concerns about the reactions of family and friends can slow down, or stop seniors from dating. To be fair, there will be cases when family and friends react negatively to people sixty and over dating. But this usually isn`t anything personal. However, in most cases, once family and friends find out, they will actually encourage you to date more. After all, they do want to see you happy.

Meet John, who found success in senior dating

Another chief concern is in cases where the dating seniors lost their spouses. In these cases, it`s best to give it as much time as you need, and then understand that dating takes nothing away from the love you had, and still have, for your departed spouse. There is no question that they would want you to be happy as well.

After my wife passed away, I really thought that was all for me, I loved her so much, and thought I would be dishonoring her memory if I started dating. I figured I would just quit thinking of trying to find another woman I would be willing to share my life. But, then, it happened. I met the ideal woman and I was back in a loving relationship again.

John, pro-golfer

Dorothy and John were both hesitant about dating at over sixty years of age. Those feelings are common, but by overcoming them, they started dating again and were able to find happiness again.

The idea of not limiting yourself, as mentioned earlier, is what John`s story illustrates. It really is possible to fall in love again, but only if you are open to the idea. Losing a spouse is heartbreaking, but meeting somebody new doesn`t negate anything special you once had. Age isn`t a determining factor when it comes to basic human needs, and being in a loving relationship is one of those needs.

Senior Dating: What to Expect, Challenges

These experiences are not to say that senior dating is a perfect fairy tale that anyone can enter at a whim. Just like any other people who have different dating dynamics, senior dating has its own rollercoaster curves.

The challenges are but normal: this stage of your life is confusing amidst all the fun. You want to do it but being the mature person you are, you tend to think of the many considerations you have in your life. What will your family say? Are your friends going to judge you for it? Here are some of the challenges that you must anticipate when you decide to dive at the fun world of senior dating:

You think it’s too late for love

Stop that thought because no, it’s not! Love is limitless and could traverse space and time. This is what’s exciting about love; you can only feel it but never define how it should be.

You are confused about trusting first impressions

You are on the stage of being the person who is cautious and always taking care of the important stuff. Nature dictates you to do so. You are alive for that long for a reason, and it’s not pure luck.

Now, it is time for you to get out there, mess a little, love a lot, and try to grab all the fun that the world can offer. Trust a little, then trust more! The only thing for you to do this time is to fall in love!

You find it hard to be patient

You may feel like the clock is ticking and the sand on the hourglass is fast running out, but time is just an illusion! What really matters is that you did what you have to do at the moment that you needed to do it! Now is the time for you to be reckless, but only a little, and create memories with the person whom you know is going to make you really happy!

You are afraid to get hurt; not now

Just think of it this way: nobody wants to get hurt. It is a part of every relationship no matter what age they are in. It is a constant in every relationship. But think of life as a continuous learning process that does not stop. You may be extra cautious not to get hurt now because, at this stage of your life, you should just be enjoying just like everybody else, but having this negative mindset about relationships is not going to get you anywhere.

How to be successful at Senior Dating

There is no one-shot formula to having a successful senior relationship, but you could always take inspiration from proven guidelines. Having these guidelines will help you every time you are at a crossroad and do not know what to do. Here are some tips on how you can obtain success at the world of senior dating.

Understand what you want

Start by putting the right foot forward and know what you want. What is it that you expect in getting out of this experience? Are you looking for a specific type of person? Are you ready to dive into it head on, or are you just looking for some side fun while you enjoy the current status of your life? The possibilities are endless for you if you really think about it.

Work on your confidence

Dating at any age brings forth challenges. No matter how long you have been single, feeling confident and ready to date are important to understand before you can become successful in the senior dating league. If you have just become single, you need to take some time to recharge yourself emotionally first before entering the doors of romance again. Put yourself out there, but put yourself first before anyone else. Build your self-esteem not just to attract a new lover, but to obtain maximum happiness for yourself when the romance begins. A happy relationship can only happen between two happy individuals who are without inhibitions when it comes to love.

Do not stop dating

Trial and error are always a part of it. The most important rule when it comes to having a successful dating life is to not feel discouraged. Sure, it is hard to find the “one,” but success built from patience in the end is very rewarding; more than you will ever expect. Going on multiple dates might be a little awkward, especially if you keep on having failed dates. At worst, some of it may even be a disaster. It is totally understandable if you find it hard to go on another date. If you ever feel like this, you must pause for a while. But never stop dating! Whatever you do, don’t give up!

Final Words

If you are ready to make the most of them, your post-retirement years can be the most exciting and fun years of your life. As far as dating and senior relationships go, to be successful really comes down to not limiting yourself. Even though you may be focused on now being in the latter stage of life, you can live life to the fullest when you let go of any anxiety and fear and are open to new experiences.

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